Richard Toscano ( Founder )

A multilingual, world traveler, Richard is trained as an international lawyer and businessman. He first developed his love of languages as a result of his Jesuit education at Fordham Prep, which exposed him to classical Greek and Latin as well as the modern languages. Early in his career, he founded Easy English, Inc., a federally approved school which taught English and Civics to newly arrived immigrants. He also was the co-founder of Primus Luxury Travel, LLC, specializing in “Around the World” trips. He has over 100k readers on TripAdvisor and his blog “Gringo with the Lingo” documents his travels to speak with the locals in their languages. He started Travalingo to share his knowledge of travel related language learning so that everyone can experience their way to speaking a language

Sohail Ahmad ( Chief Technical Officer )

Our Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Sohail Ahmad, brings over 20 years of experience in leading technology teams and driving innovation. With a deep understanding of emerging technologies and a passion for solving complex business problems, Sohail has been instrumental in developing our company's technology strategy and roadmap. Under his leadership, we have implemented cutting-edge systems and processes that have streamlined our operations and enhanced our ability to serve our customers. Sohail's ability to effectively communicate technical concepts to both technical and non-technical audiences has been a key asset to our organization. He has a proven track record of building and leading high-performance teams, and his commitment to fostering a culture of innovation has helped us stay ahead of the competition. We are proud to have Sohail Ahmad as a key member of our leadership team, and we look forward to his continued contributions to our success.