"Let's meet at the Intersection of Language Learning, Travel, Social Media, and Tours & Activities"

We love to travel. We love to speak languages. We love social media. We love tours and activities. And we love technology as a way to tie these things together. We would love to help you do the same. In the modern, global economy, speaking another language is not only an asset, but a necessity. It makes you more marketable career-wise, and a more interesting person.

Many times it will be the deciding factor in who gets the job or makes the deal. Unfortunately, at present most language learning comes from high school and college required courses. Usually these classes meet for three hours a week and since they are required (not electives), the result is a lack of interest and therefore, a superficial grasp of the language (grammar, reading and writing).

After being exposed in this way to the same language for several years, most cannot even carry on a basic conversation. They regret this later on, blaming it on the wrong teaching method and seeing it as a lost opportunity. We started Travalingo to ensure that everyone will be able to speak their favorite language. We know that our learning by travel method is not only the most effective, but most importantly, the most enjoyable way to speak a language.